Nurturing your Heroes into legends of the battlefield can be a long and arduous process. Indeed, the Valor Legends grind can be a little stifling at times, and a boost towards your Heroes’ development can prove incredibly important. As such, I will be going over various codes you can redeem to get lots of cool stuff, hopefully expediting your Heroes’ journeys considerably. Let’s dive right in!

List Of Valor Legends Codes

Without further adieu, here’s a look at both working and expired codes for Valor Legends:

✔ Codes verified and working Nov 2023

  • vl5millionplayers – free boosts
  • VL777 – free rewards
  • 4kymqQeH – a hero
  • 4ktYjexA – 300 evolution beads and one-star purple gear
  • 4kGsGV3j – 800 gems
  • 4kZdnvBw – energy essence for one hour, gold coins for one hour, and one seed of life

Expired Valor Legends Codes

  • Birthdayreward0912
  • triECktr8
  • Sr6NNmyws
  • 4Pooke8
  • 6YFbgmJn
  • HappyNewYear
  • vLhaLLoWin

What Is Valor Legends?

Valor Legends is an idle RPG game where the grind, quite literally, never stops. Even when you’re not online, your Heroes continue to make progress without your interference. This means you needn’t play the game to continue making progress! You may think that this defeats the game’s purpose, but most of the fun stuff you get to do in real time. All the battles are live, and you can make sure to modulate your Heroes’ progress to your preferences.

It’s just the grind that has been eased up a bit by allowing idle progress. If you’re looking for ways to up your grind, keep reading to find codes that let you redeem all sorts of goodies!

What Are Valor Legends Codes?

Valor Legends codes can be redeemed to provide a vast array of in-game bonuses, which generally make the process of leveling up your Heroes easier. They can give you anything from Gems, which is the in-game currency, to various boosts and Heroes. As such, if you’re struggling to make significant progress on your Heroes or are just a fan of free stuff, keep reading!

However, note that Valor Legends Codes are only valid for a certain period of time, after which they expire and cannot be redeemed. As such, you best be quick about entering these codes!

How To Redeem Valor Legends Codes

Thankfully, the process of redeeming Valor Legends codes is far easier than the process of getting them! All you have to do is the following:

Courtesy Of FunnelZTV
Courtesy Of FunnelZTV

Firstly, click on your profile in the top left, which should look something like the picture above.

Courtesy Of FunnelZTV

Next, you’ll be greeted by the screen pictured above. All you have to do now is click the Gift Code button towards the center-right. This will then open a prompt for you to enter the code. Simply enter the code as it is found in this article, and voila! The touted bonuses are yours!

How To Fix Valor Legends Code Not Working?

The first thing you should do in the event one of the codes in this article is not working is double-checking its spelling. The codes must be entered exactly as they appear in this article in order to work. If you’re certain the code has been entered correctly, then it has most likely expired. As I mentioned previously, these codes are only valid for a certain duration.  That’s exactly why haste is imperative when trying to get some cool, free stuff!

Where To Get More Valor Legacy Codes?

If you missed the time limit of these codes or just weren’t satiated by them, worry not! The internet is filled with sites dedicated to ensuring they have Valor Legacy Codes as soon as they come out, this article being no exception. As such, routinely check relevant forums for more codes. In general, the best way to get more codes is to always be on the lookout!

I hope this guide has been somewhat helpful and has furthered your goal of creating an army of formidable Heroes!

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