NiobSwap is a Decentralized Exchange and Automatic Liquidity Acquisition Yield Farm running currently on Binance Smart Chain, with a three-level referral system, and opportunities to launch on several other blockchains such as Polkadot, Polygon, Tron and Ethereum. We have created a deflationary token, NIOB, which allows token price to increase constantly with a sufficient burn mechanism. Locked value will continue to be added daily to our farms and pools. Total value locked into the Ecosystem will provide a sustainable environment for users to benefit from high APR yield farming. NiobSwap users will have access to easy-to-use best in class technology, as well as various new tokens through our own AMM.

Main Features

Automatic Liquidity

Each transfer of NIOB token will incur 5% transfer tax, of which 1.4% will added to the native liquidity pools. Automatic liquidity mechanism will have a positive impact on token price, as it will ensure that growing number of tokens will be permanently locked over time, while overall token liquidity will continuously increase.

Automated Burning

1% of each transfer of native token will be allocated to Automated Burning. The burning will be executed by the Smart Contract in real-time, by sending tokens to the burn address.

Harvest Lockup

Harvest lockup is a mechanism designed for lock-up of yield-farming rewards. It is a defense feature, limiting the frequency of harvesting, to prevent farming arbitrage bots from constant collecting rewards and dumping them.

No Migrator Code

The migrator code has been removed from the MasterChef contract.


Timelock has been added to the Niob MasterChef contract before launch

Community Driven

The entire NiobSwap Ecosystem is a community driven Project. Most of the decisions about features, new pools, new farms, token listings and updates will be proposed and voted by the Niob Community.

Available in near Future

Niob Lottery

Playing the Niob Lottery gives users a chance to win huge prizes! It’s easy, fair and fun! Players can enter as often as they like as long as they have the token to buy a ticket.

Niob Sharing Season

The sharing season is a way for us to thank community members who are most active on social media. Every week we will select one lucky winner who will receive extraordinary rewards.️ In order to take part in sharing season competition, users will need to tweet and use unique NIOB hashtags in their tweets. Rush to send your lucky tweet and get rewarded with NIOB tokens!

Prediction Trading

Trading Prediction offers a fun, simple, and rewarding decentralized prediction market. Users will have the opportunity to predict the price movement of various tokens traded on the NIOB swap. A user wins if their prediction of price rise or fall of the token is correct

Niob Insurance Fund

SAFU is an emergency insurance fund for all our users. Starting from October 2021, 1% of all outstanding tokens will be allocated to a specific wallet to protect all our users and their funds in case of an emergency. All the funds will be stored in a separate wallet.

Trading-Fee Cashback

If you trade on NiobSwap, we will reimburse part of your swap fee in a form of our native token NIOB. Trading-Fee Cashback is fully decentralized rebate for every user of AMM.