Own your NFT identity

Build your brand with an NFT that is uniquely you. Build your NFT profile right here! Nft.com is a community-driven platform for enabling creators to interact directly with their fans by issuing, trading, and displaying NFTs through a Web3 social network.NFT.com provides you a one stop shop for building your NFT collection. Your NFT Profile provides a customizable social profile that allows you to buy NFTs with no fees and get access to exclusive parts of NFT.com. We’re bringing artists, collectors, creators, and fans together, providing them the tools they need to buy, sell, display, and engage with NFTs. We bring a familiar interface to an entirely new industry. Users can create profiles without friction, explore NFTs, and buy NFTs to grow their collections.The core innovation of NFT.com is to create individual user identities that are themselves NFTs called NFT Profiles. ​ NFT Profiles can display a gallery of NFTs that have been collected across multiple blockchain addresses. They can also represent an NFT Collection. Owners of the addresses or collections will have to prove ownership of their address. ​ The holder of the NFT Profile can customize across addresses to promote specific collections or simply display NFTs in a preferred gallery. Each NFT Profile has a unique username that can be accessed through NFT.com. ​ NFT Profile holders also get access to lower trading fees on the NFT.com Marketplace and exclusive features on the platform. This enables users to own their own identity and reputation while also accessing exclusive benefits including lower trading fees, profile customization, and gated features.Cryptocurrency tokens like Bitcoin (BTC) are fungible, meaning 1 bitcoin is equal to any other bitcoin. Each bitcoin is indistinguishable from any other bitcoin.A non-fungible token (NFT) is a cryptographic asset — a unique digital token stored on a blockchain that is distinguishable from any other token.This property of uniqueness has inspired an industry around different use cases of NFTs ranging from art to intellectual property and more.NFTs are digital tokens created on a blockchain with reference data tied to the traits of the NFT. For example, an NFT representing art would have the image and traits of the art described in the metadata of the token. This creates an auditable log of the tokens creation, metadata, ownership and transaction history over time.The majority of NFTs today exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Standards like the ERC-721 tokenization standard make it easier for others in the web3 space to create apps and tools that work with them.