is a Digital collectible real estate that correlates to wireless land rights in the real world, forming the first ever Wireless Metaverse. ōLand provides daily crypto rewards, a companion PFP, Overline Wireless, Digital Collectible Teleportation and more. A mysterious world is floating above you. Join 900,000+ friends in the metaverse now!

What is ōLand?

ōLand is a digital collectible that represents 1.67 Acres of land in the real world, as well as digital real estate within Overline's wireless metaverse.

What is Overline?

Overline is a people-owned decentralized wireless network that does to telecommunications what Bitcoin did to banking.

How does ōLand fit into the Overline's network?

ōLand represents a form of ownership in Overline's wireless network. ōLand owners receive crypto rewards from wireless activity that passes through the ōRouter devices that operate within their 1.67 acre plots of ōLand.

How much crypto will my ōLand plot generate?

It depends on the location of your ōLand. The more wireless activity that occurs on your plot, the more mining rewards it will get. Like all things within the Overline ecosystem, ōLand plot rewards can also be boosted using Emblems (EMB).

Where is my ōLand plot located?

ōLand locations will be randomly assigned when the reveal countdown displayed in your ōLand account portal ends. Keep an eye on it, you may get lucky!

Can I own more than one ōLand plot?

Yes! You can own multiple plots of ōland. To get more, log in to your ōLand account portal copy your referral link, and share it with your friends. For each one that signs up, you will get another ōLand. We will be adding more ways to obtain ōLand so check your account portal regularly for updates.

What more can I do with ōLand?

Think of ōLand like a new form of account. Rather than having a boring user portal, ōLand will provide a fun graphic interface where the user can walk around and explore their account. Users can also broadcast messages to people on their ōLand, teleport the Digital Collectibles that they own between different blockchain networks, store things, track their crypto rewards, and much more.