Fire Faucet's Top Features

We have worked hard to provide you with the best experience when compared to other similar sites! We are actively developing and improving our site, adding new and exciting features for you! Highest Rates We offer the highest rates around. Your rates will keep increasing as you use our site and level up!
No Popups
We only show non-intrusive advertisements on our website, and don't display any annoying popups!
Daily Ranking
The more you use our site, the higher your daily rank will increase. We reward the top 20 users every day with huge rewards!
Level System
Each task you complete, you get EXP, which levels you up. With each new level your bonus increases, ontop of the gift you earn for reaching a new level!

Referral System

Refer your friends and family to earn even more with our generous referral program!
Daily Achievements
Earn cool rewards for completing certain tasks! These reset everyday!