Get paid for completing Offers and Tasks

Why is Freecash the #1 site to make money?
A list with all the advantages and features that made us become the #1

works together with companies that want to advertise their apps, surveys and products. A task could be: Download an app and reach level 5 within 2 days to earn 4000 coins. To get started choose an offer or survey. We can recommend the featured offers at the top of the Earn page. These tasks are very simple and many people have already successfully completed them in the past.After you have completed a task you will get coins. 1000 coins equal $1.00. You can cashout the coins for PayPal, VISA cards, Bitcoin, CS:GO Skins, Amazon gift cards and multiple other types of gift cards.

How is Freecash able to pay users?

  1. Users complete tasks from advertisers

    Advertisers provide various tasks for users, including downloading an app, signing up for a website, watching videos, reaching a certain in-game level and much more.
  2. Advertisers pay Freecash for promotion

    For every completed task, advertisers pay Freecash a commission.
  3. Freecash sends user payouts

    After completing all task requirements, Freecash will send the user a payout.

It is easily possible to earn more than $100 per month on Freecash, some users even reach $1000+ each month. You can check out the Leaderboard to see how much the most active Freecash users earn.