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Public Seed Funding Round

We are a dedicated team that is working towards a common goal

We promote mainstream adoption for blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, freedom of choice and self governance.

We are roaring to go, and want to help and inspire the online community to change gears and start creating new, highly efficient and fair digital payments systems to support our societies in the years to come, and work towards a future where the focus lies on our beautiful planet earth & all the living beings that inhabit it.


We offer this investment opportunity through one investment contract. You, our investors, invest in a 3 year contract, and benefit from passive income from all the services we provide. Crypto CashCows gives to it’s investors from 21% upto 35% per contract cycle with principle returned on maturation. APY percentages depend on market fluctuations. Moreover, all profits we receive above the mentioned percentages will be invested in Crypto CashCows to expand and improve our services. As a result we ensure the sustainability of our business model.

You choose what you want to invest in this new future! We have currently selected four Cryptocurrencies for this Seed funding round, they are Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Doge and Litecoin.

You can directly invest from this page, no need to register for an account first, our system will automatically create an account for you and register your investment in our ledger. As an added bonus, with this account, you get access to more fantastic opportunities, and view all your stats ofcourse!

Set the amount to invest, click ‘Invest Now’, select your preferred crypto and confirm.

That is all it takes to secure passive income in the future!






Public Seed Funding Round – Crypto

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