Most of life is uncertain, with the chaotic system of the Universe interacting in unpredictable ways. However, it seems that two things are absolutely certain in life: death and a borderline copyright-infringing Roblox game. Anime Blade Universe, a recent rebrand of the less than succinct Kill To Save Anime Girl Simulator, is one of these games.

Of course, the true Robloxian experience would not be complete without the presence of an in-game currency and various items to grind for. After all, half the fun of these games is slaving away for some juicy loot, right? If, like us, you are a little fed up with the incessant grind and would like to get your hands on some sweet freebies, this article is perfect for you!

What Is Anime Blade Universe?

Formerly known as Kill To Save Anime Girl Simulator, Anime Blade Universe is a fairly new addition to the pantheon of anime-themed Roblox games, with Blox Fruits and King Legacy being some of the more famous ones. Anime Blade Universe introduces a new spin on its familiar fighting formula, with the end goal being the rescue of an anime princess. To achieve this feat, you’ll have to go through waves upon waves of enemies, fighting familiar foes such as Goku, Naruto, etc.

What Are Anime Blade Universe Codes?

Anime Blade Universe codes are little phrases that can be entered into a specific section of the in-game menu to redeem various rewards. The best part about these codes is that they’re completely free! However, they can be used only once and are valid for only a short duration. As such, haste is of the essence when it comes to using these codes!

Usually, the rewards these codes give are free gems, which is the in-game currency. Future codes may feature more esoteric rewards, but few things beat cold, hard cash!

List Of Anime Blade Universe Codes

✔ Codes verified and working Nov 2023

  • animeblade – Redeem for 25K FREE GEMS (NEW)
  • titan – Redeem for free Gems
  • pvp – Redeem for 6,000 Gems
  • demon – Redeem for 3,000 Gems
  • KTSAG – Redeem for Free Gems
  • jojo – Redeem for 2,000 Coins

How To Redeem Anime Blade Universe Codes?

Thankfully, the process of redeeming Anime Blade Universe codes is far simpler than acquiring them. Simply follow the steps below, and you’ll be swimming in gems in no time!

  • Firstly, launch the game and join a server of your choosing.
    Launch Anime Blade Universe
    Launch Anime Blade Universe
  • Once you’re in-game, click on the CODES button. It should be on the left-hand side of your screen. Refer to the picture above if you’re confused!
    Redeeming the Code
    Redeeming the Code
  • Doing so will open up the screen pictured above. Now, simply enter your code in the text prompt and click SUBMIT. Congratulations, the rewards are yours!

Why Are My Anime Blade Universe Codes Not Working?

If your codes are not working, it’s because of one of two reasons. Firstly, you may be entering the code incorrectly. Note that it is essential that you enter the code exactly as it appears in this article, with no differences in even capitalization or spacing!

If you’ve double-checked the codes’ spelling and are certain they are being entered correctly, then the codes are not working because they have expired. Remember, these codes only remain valid for a small period of time. Be quicker in getting your freebies when the next batch of codes rolls around!

Where to Get More Anime Blade Universe Codes?

If your appetite for freebies has not been fulfilled by these codes, then you should be on the lookout in the Anime Boys Developers Discord channel, which will seriously bolster your chances of getting your hands on more codes when they come out. Of course, the community is very forthcoming with this sort of information, so finding more codes when they come out shouldn’t be an issue!

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